IBN Realty

Real estate company

Branding • Website Design & Development

We are proud to present our collaboration with Ibn Realty, a prominent real estate company. In this project, our scope of work involved the creation of a brand identity for Ibn Realty and the design of their official website. The project aimed to establish a strong brand presence and deliver an online platform that showcases Ibn Realty's real estate offerings.

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Project Objectives:

  • Branding: Our primary goal was to establish a cohesive brand identity for Shop.ng, reflecting its mission, values, and commitment to facilitating e-commerce in Nigeria.

  • Website Design & Development: We undertook the design and development of a comprehensive e-commerce platform that accommodates multiple vendors and offers a user-friendly experience for customers.

  • Website Management: We assumed responsibility for the ongoing management of the website, ensuring that it remains updated, secure, and efficient.

Key Features:

  • Brand Identity Creation: Our brand creation process resulted in a unique and compelling brand identity for IBN Realty, including logo design, color scheme, and visual assets.

  • Informative Website: The website serves as a central platform for showcasing IBN Realty’s real estate listings, services, and expertise, making it an informative resource for potential clients.

Project Highlights:

  • Distinct Brand Identity: Our brand creation process established a distinctive and memorable brand identity for IBN Realty, highlighting their values and professionalism in the real estate sector.

  • User-Centric Website: The website is designed with a focus on user experience, ensuring that visitors can easily explore real estate listings, learn about services, and engage with the brand.

  • Fresh Online Presence: The website offers IBN Realty a fresh and contemporary online presence that resonates with modern real estate consumers.

Project Timeline:

  • Successfully delivered within 2 weeks, and it has positioned IBN Realty with a strong brand identity and an engaging website to attract potential clients.

This project brief and the associated project highlights illustrate Bit Design Agency’s expertise in brand creation and website design for real estate companies. Our work for IBN Realty underscores our commitment to establishing strong brand identities and user-friendly online platforms for our clients in the real estate sector.